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There are many cities off India’s south coast to choose from, each with its own unique gifting. You can enjoy Mumbai’s liveliness, the paradise of Goa, the quaint air of Pondicherry, among many others. However, for a different experience, why not try out Tamil Nadu’s capital of Chennai.

This city offers a beautiful balance of modernity and traditional life, an important cultural center for the Tamil Indians. As such, it plays host to the Tamil movie industry, allowing you to watch freshly produced Tamil, Hindi, and English movies. However, beyond its mega cinemas, large shopping malls, elite beach resorts, and contemporary art centers, Chennai is still very traditional at heart. Continue reading

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24 Hours in Budapest

Buda or Pest, why not go to both? The Hungarian capitol city of Budapest actually used to be two cities instead of one, Buda and Pest. In 1873 the two cities, separated by the Danube River, joined as one administrative unit. Now, experience one city cut by a river where history, intrigue, and sometimes terror flow. Continue reading

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To Toledo: Three Fun Facts!

Check out these three fun facts about Toledo, Spain.

1. Holy Toledo!

This exclamation has much explanation behind its origin. According to one widely thought origin of the phrase comes from the era of Toledo’s grand church construction. As legend has it, when one Toledo visitor was being driven down Collingwood Boulevard, and after seeing a dozen or so churches lining the street they exclaimed, “Holy Toledo, you’ve got a lot of churches in this town.” A more sarcastic take on the expression says that it came about as a joke about how many bars the town had in relation to churches. Continue reading

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My Perth Road Trip

I have never been somebody who’s dying to visit Australia. For whatever reason – or better put, no real reason at all – I’ve just never felt that burning need to find myself down under. Nevertheless, it was there I found myself a few weeks ago, on a road trip from Perth to Exmouth in Western Australia. Continue reading

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America After Dark: the USA’s Best Cities for Nightlife

When you take a vacation, activities such as sightseeing, getting some sun and eating plenty of good food are, naturally, on the agenda.

But when you’re enjoying singles holidays abroad, meeting new people is of equal importance. And there’s no better way to break the ice with some new-found friends than downing cocktails in a cool bar or dancing the night away in a banging club. Continue reading

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